Greenwich Dentists

We’re proud to announce our newly obtained partnership from Greenwich Dentist. Our readers can receive ten percentage discounts in all dental services provided by this outstanding dental firm.

So who are they?

Greenwich Dentists are a newly acquired firm operated by Sabih Chaudhary who started working in the Abbey Woods area since 2015. It started off as a small team of highly trained dental experts and slowly expanding to what it is today. They’re known to provide individuals with the best dental services throughout London, in fact, Greenwich Dentist specialises in cosmetic treatment, restoring teeth, dental examination and more. You’re able to contact them for expert advice and assistance; no matter how bad your dental situation may be.
Why choose them?

If you live in the area, we would strongly recommend our readers to consider visiting them because unlike other Greenwich orthodontic practices in the area they’ve known to have the latest dental equipment, therefore you’re always guaranteed outstanding dental services. Also, it means they’re far more equipped to deal with your situation since they’re able to adapt to each case accordingly and efficiently.

No matter what you’re looking for Greenwich Dentists provide the services. From general check-up to dental examination to cosmetic dentistry to emergency dental services this dental firm has it all.

Below will contain the following details of the company:

30 Eynsham Drive,

Telephone: 07508532893

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Living With Cancer

Living with cancer can be one of the most scariest thing a lot of people go through. This section of the site is intended to give practical advice on how to deal with some of the day to day problems that people with cancer come across. Many people suffer unpleasant side effects from their treatment or just feel generally a bit low or unwell as a result of their illness.

The advice contained in this section should help you to make daily life more comfortable for yourself when you are experiencing these difficulties.

The Online Leaflets section includes printable leaflets written by experienced NHS cancer professionals on subjects such as Fatigue, Appetite, Diet, Avoiding Infection and Mouth Care. The Other Resources section provides links to online information provided by other organisations including links to Cancer Bacup’s online Booklets.


Travel and Holidays: Insurance Services

Resources for cancer sufferers looking for holiday or travel insurance.

Cancer Help UK

A brief overview of the process of obtaining travel or holiday insurance and the options available for people who have or have had cancer. Follow the link below:
| Travel Insurance Advice from Cancer Help UK |

Other Insurance Sources

The following companies have been suggested by various health professionals who have contributed to this site. While we cannot recommend these companies in particular, we can tell you that the professionals who forwarded their details to us have researched them personally and considered them to compare favourably on the basis of cost and overall experience.

Please contact them on the telephone numbers below for advice on travel insurance.

Holiday Services
Tel: 01773 747426