This section aims to provide up to date and accurate information on a Cancer specific basis. The word “Cancer” as a collective noun descibes a huge variety of different diseases, each with its own symptoms, possible causes and available treatments. The information contained in this section attempts to direct you towards what we consider to be the most relevant, useful, and informative resources for each one of the cancers included in the menu on the left of the screen.

In the majority of cases, the resources you will be directed to will be provided by non-nhs organisations such as Cancer Bacup or Breast Cancer Care. While this information has been suggested and in many cases used by NHS staff, NHS Lanarkshire is not responsible for it’s content or publishing and cannot be held accountable for any advice or information conained therein.

We strongly recommend that you consult a medical professional who is directly involved in the treatment of your illness, before you take any advice from other sources or alter your treatment or lifestyle in any way.