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We’re a Helping Hand To Those Who Are Diagnosed With Cancer

Our organisation has been created in response to the many people in Lanarkshire who have wanted to know more about cancer, how cancer is treated and how to reduce the risks of getting cancer.

We’re an reinstated health organistaion working alongside government institution in United Kingdom providing individuals the necessary advice and help they’re seeking. Our website contains countless of information on how our patients are able to get the best possible cancer health care they’re seeking. Please check the websites below for more information

In these pages you will find:

  1. General Information – About cancer treatment, services and support in Lanarkshire.
  2. Support Services – available to Cancer Patients and their carers.
  3. Hospital Services – Services, clinic times, staff and directions,
  4. Specific Cancer- information and resources
  5. A contact Directory – with details of many local, national and NHS Cancer Support organisations.

We don’t care who you are, where your from, what your background is. The truth of the matter is we are providing our services to everyone. You might be someone who may have cancer or worried about someone who does have cancer. We don’t necessary care. Our overall aim and objective is to help people reduce the chances of obtaining cancers.

If you want us to cover a question you think we haven’t previously covered. Please make sure to contact us, so we’re able to deal with at once.